Wedding in Nature

a guide for finding the best elopement locations in the world. 

Locations that define who we are. On our best days, when we're out there alone, we get to define who we are. 


One of the best parts about breaking free from traditions, is that you have more freedom to create the story that is true to you. The world has an abundance of colors, textures, vibes, etc. What places call to you? What places say, "This is us"?

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Location:


Part of creating that unique experience is incorporating elements of the day that mare meaningful. Many couples in traditional weddings choose a location out of obligation or convenience. You want more though. 

Choosing a place that has meaning to you will further create that one of kind experience you are longing for. Maybe it's a place you have been to already. Maybe it's a place you both talk a lot about. Mountains are important to you, you want a place with mountains. Going on new adventures is what makes you two who you are; you want to get married at a new destination. 

Whatever the case may be, don't hold back! This Earth is gorgeous, create something incredible! 

The experience

You chose to elope, that means you want a one of a kind experience. Now it's time to ask yourselves, "what experience are we wanting?" Are you wanting to hike somewhere incredible and say your vows surrounded with epic views? Do you want to take in the beauty of mountains? Do you want to hear the waves meat the Earth as you say your vows? Maybe you want to say your vows at night, on a roof top, surrounded by city lights. 

The right location will help create this incredible experience. Narrow down what exactly it is you are wanting and then focus on locations that can provide that experience. 


This goes a long with meaning and experience. If you two are beach people, then a beach scenery is the way to go for you. If you are wanting rolling green hills, then dry locations should be eliminated. 

Maybe you are wanting a location with a couple of different scenery options. This is possible depending on location! 


Do you dream of snow? Getting married in an ice castle would be a dream come true. Maybe you want hot/warm climates. There can be pressure to fit a season based on the time of year you are wanting to get married in. That's not a deal breaker though. 

I photograph elopements all over the world. You have your heart set on a date in June but you want snow? Let's go where there is snow in June! You want to get married in October but want warm sunny weather, great! Let's go where it's warm and sunny in October. 

Moab Elopement. Utah elopement photographer captures elopement in Arches National Park.


in the U.S.


Garden of the God's 

Sentinel Plaza, Three Graces Plaza, and Jaycee Plaza are three ceremony locations in Garden of the God's. There are also numerous hiking trails to explore if a different location calls out to you more. Garden of the God's is known for it's towering red rock formations. A truly unique spot in Colorado. 

Colorado elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures a couple at sunset in Garden of the God's.jpg

Great Sand Dunes National Park

With the tallest dunes in North America, there a miles upon miles of opportunity for adventure. GSDNP has grasslands, wetlands, tundra, forests and lakes. 

Colorado elopement location Great Sand Dune National Park.jpg

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park has over 265,000 acres of vast wilderness. All the hiking you could ask for along with lakes, forests, rivers and mountains. 

Rocky Mountain National Park elopement.jpg
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in the U.S.



One of the most known places in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park is a popular elopement destination. With roughly 310,000 miles, there is plenty of room to find a spot that calls to you for your special day. There are endless opportunities for hikes, forests, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, rivers, glaciers, GTNP includes the major peaks of the 40mile long Teton range. This are is home to many wildlife including elk, buffalo, bears and moose.

Jackson Wyoming Elopement. Wyoming elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures couple at the wedding tree. Just outside Grand Teton National Park.jpg
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in the U.S.



Image by Andrey Grinkevich

Arches National Park is truly a mystical paradise. There is a beauty like no other about it. If you are one who feels a connection with nature, I would highly recommend even just visiting here. There is a spirit about the land than cannot go unnoticed. Arches has over 2,000 natural stone arches and hundreds of soaring pinnacles. 

Arches is also located in Moab. A fun town full of delicious restaurants, lodging and shopping. Moab is a favorite in my family. Canyonland National Park is also in the Moab area. You really cannot go wrong with either park. Moab also has a large amount of BLM land (Bureau of Land Management). There are miles after miles of off roading trails on this land. Remote views and even arches you cannot get to without a proper 4x4 vehicle. For those truly wanting a remote experience, I would recommend this. You do not need a permit to elope on most BLM land and drones are accepted (hello cool shots and video!)


If you are wanting a truly unique elopement then this may be the place for you. There is nothing else like it in the US. The salt flats are easily accessible and depending on the time of year can even be driven on. Just a little over an hours drive from Salt Lake City too. Another perfect option for those wanting more than just a 1 day elopement experience. 

Image by Karsten Winegeart


Another incredible location with breathtaking views. Zion National Park has miles of red cliffs and adventurous hiking trails.  

Image by Sammie Chaffin


Whether you are wanting a city experience or nature, there is plenty to choose from in Salt Lake City. 

Image by Joshua Aragon


in the U.S.



The Oregon coast is one of the best places to elope because the weather is mild year round. This makes planning so much easier. Regardless of what time of year you want to get married in, the coast will be an enjoyable place to be. The coast is 363 miles long and is all free and public. 

Image by Intricate Explorer


The perfect location for those wanting something mystical. With over 1.6million acres, you will find towering trees, crystal clear swimming holes, waterfalls, mountains, river and even hot springs. The possibilities for adventures here are endless. 

Image by Eric Muhr


Bend is great mountain town. Home to Mt. Bachelor, a wonderful place to have a ceremony. There is incredible food and all the breweries you can find. 

Untitled (Poster (Landscape)) (1).jpg

Oregon Waterfalls

Maybe where is not as important as what. If your elopement vision is waterfalls, Oregon has you covered! There's over a hundred to choose from. 

Untitled (Poster (Landscape)) (2).jpg


in the U.S.



There really are no words that do Yosemite justice. A truly mesmerizing place. There is so much to see and do in Yosemite. Waterfalls, towering granite cliffs, giant sequoia trees, wildlife. It's almost another world. 

Image by Avin Tan

Joshua Tree

A boho paradise right here. This landscape is so unique, for those wanting that or just some warm nature vibes, Joshua Tree is perfect. Palm Springs is near by as well as a lot of great vacation rentals. 

Image by Claudia Schaller


This area is the perfect combination of seaside cliffs, beaches, forests and even wild succulents.