Best Places to Elope in Wyoming

Wyoming Elopement Guide
Fremont Canyon, Casper Wyoming


It may not seem like it, but Wyoming is rich in vast terrain. If you want a state was several different looks, Wyoming is your go to. Mountains, multiple colored beaches, hot springs, valleys, geysers, canyons, sand dunes, deserts, etc. There are so many incredible choices available. 

Benefits of Eloping in Wyoming

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Wyoming is one of the best places for allowing one to pull away from society and immerge into nature. You don't have to invite anyone to your special day unless you want to. Whisper your vows to one another on top of a mountain and still become legally married; all while being in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.



There's something for everyone. Red, black and white beaches. Mountains, sand dunes, deserts. The list goes on and on. Never fear of having bland locations, Wyoming has you covered! 




Whatever it is you like to do for fun and adventure, Wyoming has lots to do. Hiking, rock climbing, off roading, horseback riding, kayaking, skiing, snow shoeing, snow boarding. Eating at a local brewery, romantic picnic lunches. Whatever fits your sense of adventure, there's lots to choose from. 

Best Places to 



Elopement in Grand Teton National Park. Couple kisses at the Wedding Tree just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoing.

One of the most known places in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park is a popular elopement destination. With roughly 310,000 miles, there is plenty of room to find a spot that calls to you for your special day. There are endless opportunities for hikes, forests, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, rivers, glaciers, GTNP includes the major peaks of the 40mile long Teton range. This are is home to many wildlife including elk, buffalo, bears and moose. 

D U B O I S 

Dubois, Wyoming Elopement. Wyoming elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures couple and their dog on mountain top

Dubois is known for being one of the last old West towns. With a charming little town that has shops, restaurants, and cozy coffee shops, there are plenty of options for creating a memorable experience. If you are wanting an outdoor experience, there are endless possibilities to choose from, regardless of what time of year. Camping, off roading, kayaking, fishing, hiking. If you are a lover of all things winter, imagine going dog sledding to your ceremony location. It's possible in Dubois! 

C a s p e r

Casper is well kept wonder of the world. It is mind blowing to see the vast terrain Casper holds. Open plains, mountains, water falls, rivers, canyons. Fremont Canyon is just miles outside of Casper. In just a 10mile radius you can explore a red beach, black beach and white. Hike with dinosaur fossils, off road, kayak and much more. The possibilities for endless for creating an unforgettable experience. 

If you rather elope with some city vibes, Casper has a thriving downtown. Filled with local restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, shopping, art and more. 

Elopement in Casper, Wyoming. Wyoming elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures sunset at Fremont Canyon.