A Summer Mountain Engagement

Let me just start by saying this mountain engagement session still has me smiling. The experience of it all filled my cup and I am just so honored to have been a part of it. Now some of you might be reading this and are thinking, "ok Jen, that's a little cliché, don't you think". I can see why you would think that, as it is an honor when anyone lets you document a piece of their life. This engagement session though, reminded me of two important things. One...as a creative the story is the most important and two...love is and will always be incredibly powerful. So let me just share a little about this session so you can better understand where I am coming from.

Hannah & Waylen are local to Casper, Wyoming. They really wanted trees to be a part of their engagement session. They chose to have their session at Crimson Dawn park on Casper Mountain. I had never shot there before but after viewing images of the area I was pumped! It had gorgeous open valleys with the backdrops of mountains as far as the eye could see. The valley had rolling hills covered in bright yellow and luscious purple wild flowers. Every time I see this area I hear the music from Sound of Music (the hills are alive with the sound of music). Yea...it's that gorgeous. We were all so excited for this session.

When we arrived to location we found out that the park was needing to close earlier than usual. The dream spot was no more. We discussed some other gorgeous spots on the mountain but none of them were speaking to the couple. So the next plan was to just drive until they saw a spot that spoke to them.

Part of me was a little nervous. Typically I will study a location first. Get a feel for what the light is doing, anything to take special note on, look for spots of inspiration. This was all impromptu. Now many creatives would see this as a possible disaster. Locations should be vetted beforehand. Locations are wonderful and can add so much to an session but let us not forget the main purpose of a shoot...the story of whatever it is you are capturing. In this case it was Hannah & Waylen. That is where my focus went, to documenting their time together on that moment. What I witnessed was beautiful. Hannah & Waylen just needed a space that spoke to who they were as a couple and just need the time to enjoy the moment of being together in that space. From there everything just flowed so perfectly. I could have done all the planning in the world and still not have been able to create this moment. This was a moment they needed to create all on their own. Love is most beautiful when it is in it's purest most authentic form. When it is raw and deep and reflects something that is beyond words. I cannot describe to you what happened on the mountain that day for it is beyond words, but I can show you a glimpse. Here is a look at their mountain engagement session:

Engagement session on Casper Mountain, Wyoming. Wyoming elopement photographer captures couple laughing.

Engagement session on Casper Mountain in Casper, Wyoming.

Mountain engagement session in Casper, Wyoming. Wyoming wedding photographer, Jennifer Hughes, captures couple on Casper Mountain.

Engagement session in Casper, Wyoming.

Couple has an adventurous engagement session on Casper Mountain.

Wyoming elopement photographer captures a mountain top couples session in Casper, Wyoming.

Mountain engagement session in Casper, Wyoming. Couple dancing captured by Wyoming wedding photographer, Jennifer Hughes

Casper engagement session.

Wyoming elopement photographer captures couple on Casper Mountain.

Intimate moment of a couple captured by elopement photographer, Jennifer Hughes.

Couple shares an emotional moment on Casper Mountain during their engagement session in Casper, Wyoming.

Elopement photographer, Jennifer Hughes, travels to Casper Mountain for an engagement session.

Couples session on Casper Mountain.

Elopement photographer travels to Casper, Wyoming for a mountain engagement session.

Engagement session in Casper, Wyoming.

Elopement photographer, Jennifer Hughes, captures couple on Casper Mountain in Casper, Wyoming.

Traveling elopement photographer, Jennifer Hughes, captures intimate moment of a couple in Wyoming.

Elopement photographer captures couple in Wyoming for their mountain engagement session.

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