A Vintage June Wedding

"I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone." - Arwen, The Lord of the Rings

My first wedding that was able to take place was on June 13, 2020, in Minot, ND. Alex and Taylor's plans were affected by Covid. The ceremony was originally supposed to take place in a church. Due to Covid restrictions, the ceremony was moved to the same location as the reception, at the Grand Hotel. My heart went out for Alex & Taylor. They are both so laid back though. They made these changes work for them and there was nothing but joy in their eyes the entire day.

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Alex and Taylor’s story is simple and sweet, just like they are. Their first date was at a Mexican restaurant. Neither were really interested in anything serious. Taylor says she made a huge mess with her dinner (I can completely relate to this), that must have not scared Alex away, for what started as “nothing serious”, turned into a wedding!

It was a rather warm and sunny day in Minot. All of the bridal party got ready at the Grand. There was an exciting buzz in every room. Taylor wore a simple lace dress. It had almost a vintage look to it. It fit the theme of her wedding so well.

When styling her accessories for some detail shots, I could not wait to bring out my vintage looking metal tray. It was a perfect match.

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Alex and Taylor’s wedding was styled in light greys and lavender. Each table was decorated with old books (a personal favorite). Taylor is incredibly talented. She made flowers out of pages from old books. She also made all of the bouquets in her wedding out of wooden flowers! I had never seen that done before and it was absolutely incredible!

The first look and bridal party pictures were taken at Roosevelt park. The large shaded trees gave the perfect amount of relief on a hot day. Following that, Taylor and Alex had their couple’s session nearby. These two had such a beautiful ease about them. Even if things hadn’t been running smoothly (which they most certainly were), I think these two would still have been just as relaxed in each other’s company. Their energy matched having a perfect book, once you have it to read, nothing else matters.

It was an absolute joy getting to know these two and watch as they told their own story. I hope you enjoy these moments from their day as much as I did!

A humble witness,


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