Always & Forever -A Fairy Tail Rustic Wedding

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Mr. & Mrs. Dragswolf.

This was originally supposed to be my first wedding of 2020 and it could not have been more fitting. Rodney & Kisha’s story was one from a romance novel. Boy meets girl. Both fall for each other. Girl is moved to the other side of the country. As soon as she could, she moves back across the country to be with boy! It’s the part in the movie when we all cheer and have tears of joy rolling down our cheeks. The only thing is, this was real life! An actual couple with a moving story! Rodney and Mikisha are two kind souls. Two people who were truly destined for each other.

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I don’t think there is really much that could keep these two apart. Originally their wedding date was set for April of 2020, due to Covid, it was pushed back to June. What an absolutely gorgeous day it was though.


I arrived at their venue, The Barn at 52 Pines, in the morning. The sun was out, the sky was clear with that gorgeous North Dakota blue. The air was a little cool but comfortable. Typical for early summer in North Dakota. As I was getting some establishing shots around the venue, I could hear birds chirping. I became instantly excited. What could be more perfect?

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There was humble buzz as family members worked to finish preparing for the day. The bridal suite was filled with laughter. I melt every time I see the bridal suite at 52 Pines. Such an incredible space! Kisha and her bridesmaids were lined up, side by side, getting their hair and makeup done. Kisha was so calm even with the expected nervousness of most brides. Her eyes sparkled the entire day. She was a bride living out one of the best days of her life.

When I walked into the room where she would be getting ready, my jaw dropped. There hanging was an incredibly gorgeous dress. It had the princess poof fit for any fairy tail. It sparkled in the light. Kisha told me about her wedding dress shopping experience. When she walked into Fiancee in Minot, ND, she first tried on that dress and instantly fell in love. As the mother of the bride was helping her into her dress you could see the bitter sweet tears form in her eyes. Her beautiful baby girl was now standing before her, in the most perfect dress, ready to be married.

Up in the Groom’s room, everyone was relaxed and just having a good time. Rodney was quiet with a seriousness to his face. It was the perfect setting for some moody shots.


For this wedding, we scheduled in a special bridal shoot. Sometimes brides just want a few quick pictures, others would like to have a mini session done. I absolutely love bridal shoots and this one was absolutely breath taking. Once Mikisha was fully ready we made our way out to the hills that surround the venue; such a gorgeous area! I had chosen a dark teal green chair from Rae Creates as the accessory for this shoot. It was early afternoon, it was warm with a refreshing breeze, which made her wedding dress flow ever so elegantly. I don't think there was a moment when Kisha was not smiling. To this day, looking back at these pictures, she takes my breath away!

There was not a first look at this wedding. The groom wanted to be surprised, so sweet! The ceremony went smoothly. Held inside the Barn. Their colors were a beautiful shade of blue and blush pink. They chose to have a theme of “Always and Forever” styled with rustic charm. Perfect styling choice to go along with the venue.

After the ceremony, we made our way outside for their couple’s session. One of my favorite things about this venue is that it is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills. The bride and groom decided to hike their way up some of the hills for their pictures. The view was absolutely breathtaking. The barn was tucked away in the distance. It really made the entire experience complete. Rodney and Kisha’s couple’s session was held during the late afternoon. This gave their pictures a bright and bold look, a perfect way to symbolize who they are as a couple. I would definitely describe them as bright and bold!

It was an incredible day and ended in the most perfect of ways; the boy marries the girl and they will be together forever and always.

To see this couple's story come to life, watch their wedding film linked below!

A humble witness,


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