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You've made the big decision to elope! Going beyond the traditions you are ready to create a meaningful experience, possibly even a grand adventure. So what's next? Where should you go if you don't know already? Eloping opens up so many more possibilities. In many cases you could literally pick any place in the world. To help narrow things down a bit, I thought I would break it down by location. Today's location may be a place most don't consider but offers a vast amount of scenery.

Wyoming. Now Wyoming may be the least populated state in the country but oh does it make up for it in beauty. Looking for vast terrain? Meet Wyoming. Many know this state for Yellowstone National Park. A beautiful place to elope but I want to shed some light on some other amazing locations as well.

Before we start digging into some great locations, I wanted to touch on some of the benefits for eloping in Wyoming. Wyoming has perfect accommodations for creating a "just us" experience. The "just us" experience is one of the top reasons why couples choose to elope ( read more on Top 10 Reasons to Elope ). The scenery alone is a reason to consider Wyoming, especially if you are wanting a scenic elopement. Another benefit of eloping in Wyoming is adventure. This state is heaven to those who are adventurous at heart. To go further into the benefits of eloping in Wyoming, I have written a guide on my website. You can find more information here .

Now let's dig into some great locations in Wyoming!

G R A N D T E T O N N A T I O N A L P A R K.

Grand Teton National Park. Jackson, Wyoming. Wyoming photographer. Jackson Hole photographer.

Just south of Yellowstone National Park, GTNP is located in Jackson, WY. GTNP has breath taking mountains that truly are purple mountain majesties at sunset! This area offers an abundance of outdoor activities all year round and has near by lodging, restaurants and shopping in Jackson Hole.


Dubois, Wyoming. Wyoming photographer. Wyoming wedding photographer Dubois photographer.

Pronounced like cowboys. Dubois is known for being one of the last Old West towns. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and much more, there is a lot to do outdoors all year as well. If you are wanting a more quiet experience, Dubois is perfect.


Casper, Wyoming. Wyoming photographer. Wyoming wedding photographer Casper photographer.

Whether you are wanting an outdoor experience or eloping in the city, Casper can accommodate either. From mountains, rivers, canyons, black, red and white beaches, shopping, lodging, brewery, restaurants, art and more. Casper is a large enough city to give the city feel but not be overwhelming like a large city.

There are so many more possibilities Wyoming can offer for elopements. To find out more, head on over to my guide, here.

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