Bringing Forth Your Hidden Treasures

Individuality. Do you celebrate it, hide it, run from it, loath it? It’s no secret that society suppresses individuality. You must be thin, you must wear these brands, only have these jobs, only love this way, have this color of skin, etc. We are shamed for not looking, thinking, loving, with the norm. The focus is on the mass and not the individual. How foolish a concept though! There could not be a mass if it were not for the individual. The mass is created by a multitude of individuals. Nothing natural on this planet, looks entirely the same, behaves the same, so why are we trying to be?

What would a flower be if it wasn’t allowed to be vibrant? It must be brown like dirt, nothing more. How unfortunate would that be. What would an ocean be if it were only still like a puddle? This Earth is incredible because it is still and it is movement. It is loud and it is quiet. It is cold and it is hot. It is light and it is darkness. Each individual part of the earth is a treasure. We as individuals are treasures too.

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Some of us were born leaders. Others fighters and protectors. Some of us were born with the gift of words. Others were born with the gift of rhythm. Each quality is a treasure. So many of us are scared. Scared to share those treasures with the world. To scream out into a canyon, “This is me!!”, for it to be echoed into the depths of this Earth.

There is so much raw talent that goes to waste because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of being judged. It is in nature to share our treasures. What if birds never sang their songs? What a sound that would be greatly missed. What if cheetahs never gave it their all when they ran? The excitement that would be missed. What if horses never showed their spirit? Ode the souls that would never know healing. Nature shares it’s treasures with us every day. It screams them, it whispers them. Why are we not doing the same?

Suppression is not in nature. It has been created by man. There is no natural norm. It forever is changing based on what society deems it to be. We have a natural right to our treasures; to our own unique beauty. If we create, may it come from our own authenticity. If we love, may it be from raw emotions and nothing more. If we look at ourselves may it be in celebration and not anguish.

When we share these treasures we are then free. Free to be who we truly are. To live a life of pure authentic design. To be consumed by courage for we are not afraid to release our hidden treasures. We are only given this one life; may it be of our own.

So my question for you today is this. Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? Will you continue life fighting against the ruthless furnace of this world or will you surrender to it’s demands?

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