Colorado Elopement | Why You Should Consider Eloping in Colorado

A roadside welcome sign that says Welcome to Colorful Colorado. Elopement photographer, Jennifer Hughes, documents Colorado Elopements.

So you're thinking about eloping. That is fantastic! Eloping means you are putting your relationship first. To give yourselves the space to fully celebrate your relationship in a way that is true to you. It will be one of the most remarkable experiences of your lives. So now the question is where should you elope? You have really the entire world to consider, but to make it simpler, let's narrow it down just a bit! Have you considered a Colorado Elopement? If you haven't, here's why you should consider eloping in Colorado.


Take a moment to visualize this: The two of you wake up the morning of your wedding day in a unique cabin. The windows are open, filling the rooms with the crisp and ever so fresh mountain air. You can hear birds chirping in the distance. You look over at your loved one and see the golden morning light painting their face. You can't help but smile because today is the day you two become married. ​ The morning is slow but absolutely perfect. As you make coffee and pancakes, covering each other with a million soft kisses, you forget your photographer is even there; documenting some of the most purest moments of your lives. There is no wedding day hustle and stress. Everything is calm and at ease. ​ After breakfast you head out to Garden of the God's in Colorado Springs. Laced up boots and a packed backpack, you two are ready to explore the beautiful views. After spending several hours together, you find the spot. the spot that calls to you both, that screams the connection you so crave when immersed in nature. It's perfect. ​ You return to your cabin so you both can get ready for the evening, when you say your vows. Tears slowly roll down your cheek, you never imagined a day so perfect. In that moment you know without a doubt, this experience was the best decision you two could ever have made. ​ At the spot you look out onto the world. You see golden lit skies, beautiful green trees and towering red rocks. There is comfort within the rocks. They almost speak to you. Without saying a word, you feel your voice heard. You and your loved one matter, your relationship matters. You never felt that as strongly as you do in this moment. You are caught by surprise when your partner grazes your hand with theirs. You see a piece of paper in their other hand. The gaze ever so deeply in your eyes. Their voice trembles as they speak their vows to you. In that moment, no one else existed. Not even your photographer. You both were so consumed by each others love and the vast wilderness. The day ended as only one could imagine a perfect day for two souls to end....married. ​ This is an experience you both deserve to have. You deserve to celebrate your relationship in a way that it fully embodies your story and your values.

Elopement at Garden of the God's in Colorado Springs Colorado. Colorado elopement photographer captures a private moment of a couple in a cave like hole with the sunsetting in the background, casting a beautiful orange glow on the couple.

This of course is just one possibility when eloping in Colorado. The great thing about Colorado is it has the ability to allow for many different experiences, that would suit each individual couple's needs. There are definitely some benefits when eloping in Colorado.


Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sunset at Garden of the God's, one of top locations to eloping in Colorado.

There is no doubt that Colorado is a beautiful state. With it's vast terrain, there is plenty to choose from. Mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, sand dunes and more. Colorado is also home to 4 incredible national parks: Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Of course there are other amazing locations in Colorado that are not national parks; Garden of the God's, Colorado National Monument, Curecanti National Recreation Area, to name a few.


Garden of the God's, Colorado Springs, CO. Elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures a mustard yellow vintage camper driving through the Garden of the God's. Showing the possibilities for adventure when eloping in Colorado.

Whether you are looking for an adventure in nature or a memorable experience in one of Colorado's beautiful cities, there's so many choices to choose from.


Colorado Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado Elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures intimate moment of a couple at sunset, the mountains are in the background.

Many couples that elope want that "just us" experience. To have the focus just on them and to have a full intimate moment (You can read more on top reasons to elope here). There are so many locations in Colorado that accommodate such an experience.

There is definitely a reason why so many couples choose to elope in Colorado every year. If you would like to explore more about eloping in Colorado, check out this resource page: Colorado Elopement Guide

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