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When it comes to finding THE spot, the perfect location for your wedding, it's fair to say that it is a big decision. To be considering mountains as your wedding location, you have probably done some ground work or are in the process of deciding where is best for you.

Colorado is an incredible place for an elopement or intimate wedding. There's just so many different possibilities. If you are considering Colorado for your wedding, you can read more about eloping in Colorado in my Colorado Elopement Guide. Now there are so many locations, looks, vibes in Colorado. Many couples who are wanting to elope in Colorado are wanting some mountains. Below I have listed some of the most popular mountain wedding venues in Colorado. I provided some information about each spot. If you feel like you would want more information, that's no problem, I can go into more in depth information during the planning stages when creating your individual wedding plan!

If there is a location the just really jumps out at you - reach out! Part of my job is helping couples plan their elopements and weddings. This is never something you should have to do alone. For most people planning an elopement or wedding is a foreign thing. I've learned a lot of the years on how to create truly authentic experiences that are true to each couple's relationship. No two weddings should be the same; it should be a true reflection of the couple. You deserve to have this kind of experience.


RMNP has so many great locations for weddings. The important thing to keep in mind is that they do require permits to get married. This process is restrictive and permits sell out quickly. There are sites for all levels. From drive up site to more remote site that would require some time and hiking. All are incredible and varied for each individual preference.

Closest City: Estes Park, Colorado

Group Size: No more than 30

Hiking: Not a requirement

Amenities: Bathrooms, picnic tables

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding, a top 10 Colorado wedding venue. Colorado elopement photographer.


A three mile trail featuring a lake, wildflowers and beautiful pines. This are is quite popular so a sunrise or sunset ceremony would be the best if wanting a more private ceremony. This location is more ideal for a very small wedding or intimate elopement. The recommendation for guests is no more than 10 people as the environment is tight was narrow trails.

Closest City: Buena Vista, Colorado

Group Size: 10

Is Hiking Required?: Yes

Amenities: None


There is a lot of possibilities for this area, you really can't just narrow it down to one. Some areas would be great for a larger group whereas others would be perfect for just a two person elopement.

Closest Cities: Ouray, Silverton, Telluride, or Dunton

Group Size: 50

Is Hiking Required?: No

Amenities: Depends on location.


Found on one of the highest elevation roads in the state, Loveland Pass is another popular elopement destination. This location would definitely require some planning ahead as it can get chilly, due to the high elevation.

Closest City: Keystone, Colorado

Group Size: 20

Is Hiking Required?: Yes, if you want to access any trails

Amenities: None


Accessible by vehicle during late May - late September. It you want 360 degree mountain views then this is the spot for you.

Closest City: Idaho Springs, Colorado

Group Size: 10

Is Hiking Required?: No

Amenities: Bathrooms at the parking lot.


A lake side elopement venue near Aspen, Colorado. There is an amphitheater on site to accommodate larger groups. There are also gorgeous trails with the mountain backdrop perfect for smaller groups.

Closest City: Aspen, Colorado

Group Size: 50

Is Hiking Required?: No.

Amenities: Bathrooms, benches & picnic tables.


You can get to the top by 4x4 vehicles, this makes for a fun experience! The basin is massive which allows more many spots to have a private ceremony.

Closest City: Ouray, Colorado

Group Size: 25

Is Hiking Required?: No

Amenities: None


To reach this spot, yo take the drive up Flagstaff Mountain. It is just a shoer walk from the parking area. This site can be reserved through Boulder County. It has in incredible overlook of Boulder, Colorado!

Closest City: Boulder, Colorado

Group Size: 100

Is Hiking Required?: No


To have a private ceremony here, all you need to do is reserve the camp site at Sapphire Point. For weddings they allow a 2 hour reservation. This location can be accessed all year round.

Closest City: Dillon, Colorado

Group Size: 10

Is Hiking Required?: No

Amenities: Bathrooms, picnic benches.


The perfect spot for a camping elopement! The mountains glow at sunrise and sunset, creating the most romantic setting. Camp sites are first come first serve, so I would recommend grabbing a spot during the week as they do fill up fast over the weekend.

Closest City: Ward, Colorado

Group Size: 10

Is Hiking Required?: Yes

Amenities: Bathrooms at the trailheads, none deeper into the wilderness area.



Step One: Find a Location and/or Pick a Date

The ideal thing is to first choose a date and then a location that would best work for that time of year. Some couples are dead set on a location and don't really care about the date. In this case I would help you find a date that would be ideal for your location.

Step Two: Find Your Vendor Team

I always recommend finding your photographer even before step one. When it comes to elopements, photographers are one of the few, if only, vendors needed. Photographers can provide expert advise on alternatives incase your dates and locations don't mesh. if you are needing other vendors, the ideal time to book them is after you have a date and location.

Step Three: Become Familiar with Local Laws

Do you need an officiant, or witnesses to become legally married? Can you marry yourselves through a self-solemnization ceremony ( you an in Colorado)? Will you need a permit to perform a ceremony? Will guests need to be registered if you’re hiking out into a wilderness area? Are there parking fees or restrictions?

Step Four: Purchase or Rent All Your Details

Gathering all the attire you will need, making sure it will be suited for the environment you will be getting married in. Will you need proper foot wear? Supplies? Vow books. All of the things to help make you comfortable and make this a memorable experience.

Step Five: Craft Your Timeline

Your photographer or other vendors should be able to advise you through this step. Feeling prepared will help alleviate day-of anxiety and give you the chance to plan time to relax—you don’t want to feel rushed through what should be one of the most fun days of your life.

For More: Check out my Guide on How to Elope

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