Eloping | A Colorado Experience

So you've decided to elope. Maybe you have even explored different locations. Eloping in Colorado seems like a great fit for you. You have a couple of locations in mind but you are really trying to picture it in your head. What does it look like to elope? How does that translate to you? Well those questions can be answered in so many different ways. To help create a visual, let's do a fun exercise.

Imagine this:

The two of you wake up the morning of your wedding day in a unique cabin. The windows are open, filling the rooms with the crisp and ever so fresh mountain air. You can hear birds chirping in the distance. You look over at your loved one and see the golden morning light painting their face. You can't help but smile because today is the day you two become married.

The morning is slow but absolutely perfect. As you make coffee and pancakes, covering each other with a million soft kisses, you forget your photographer is even there; documenting some of the most purest moments of your lives. There is no wedding day hustle and stress. Everything is calm and at ease.

After breakfast you head out to Garden of the God's in Colorado Springs. Laced up boots and a packed backpack, you two are ready to explore the beautiful views. After spending several hours together, you find the spot. the spot that calls to you both, that screams the connection you so crave when immersed in nature. It's perfect.

You return to your cabin so you both can get ready for the evening, when you say your vows. Tears slowly roll down your cheek, you never imagined a day so perfect. In that moment you know without a doubt, this experience was the best decision you two could ever have made.

At the spot you look out onto the world. You see golden lit skies, beautiful green trees and towering red rocks. There is comfort within the rocks. They almost speak to you. Without saying a word, you feel your voice heard. You and your loved one matter, your relationship matters. You never felt that as strongly as you do in this moment. You are caught by surprise when your partner grazes your hand with theirs. You see a piece of paper in their other hand. The gaze ever so deeply in your eyes. Their voice trembles as they speak their vows to you. In that moment, no one else existed. Not even your photographer. You both were so consumed by each others love and the vast wilderness. The day ended as only one could imagine a perfect day for two souls to end....married.

This is an experience you both deserve to have. You deserve to celebrate your relationship in a way that it fully embodies your story and your values.

A Colorado elopement experience.


You're in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This weekend represents a feeling you have been sharing together for several years. Your lives together were never conventional but that's one reason why your relationship is so special. You started a family together years ago. You both have spent years raising the most incredible children; your lives forever changed when those beautiful souls entered your lives. Through sleep deprivation, diaper changes, fevers, scrapes, bruises, endless cuddles, you both grew closer together. It's now time to celebrate that love that has been through it all and stand strong to this day.

A traditional wedding just didn't represent who you both are, no matter how it was spun. You needed something more. In a great vacation rental, the rooms are filled with laughter as the two of you and your kids gather round for an evening of games. When you get to look back on these pictures you will see the images of roaring laughter because your oldest accidently shot soda through his nose. You'll see your youngest daughter, with big sleepy eyes, cling on to her dad's arm as he moves his piece across the game board. You'll see all the hugs and kisses, the smiles and pure joy as the night goes on. You won't regret the decision to elope because eloping gave you the time and space to slow down and create an experience that was true to you. It was these moments, these memories that you wanted above all else.

In the morning your family sets out to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. You take the lift up to the top of the mountain. You and your partner smile at each other as your kids excitingly talk about the views. You all spend the first half of the day seeing all the great animals, feeding giraffes and just spending quality time with each other. After the zoo you guys head to a great little district in Colorado Springs. You enjoy lunch as a family, sitting outside, eating delicious food and appreciating the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin. You guys decide to walk around and check out all the neat shops. There are local artists that have incredible work. Talk about culture and art is something you all love doing as a family. It's fun hearing how each child perceives what they see. You head back to the rental house for some down time. There is no rush to get ready and be at this location then this location. This entire experience is set on your time and it is glorious. You spend the rest of the afternoon all cuddled on the couch, appreciating the moment of stillness.

Now the moment has come to get ready. There is an excitement in the air. Everyone puts on the outfits of their choice. Everyone is comfortable and there is no stress over children destroying their really nice outfit. The focus has been turned back on what really matters to you.

It's time! You can't help but be overwhelmed with emotions. Here you stand at a breath taking spot in Garden of the God's. The views are endless, the sky looks as if a painting was created just for the occasion. There is no sound except for your beating heart, that slow, bump bump, bump bump. You hear the vows of your partner. In the corner of your eye you see your kids. How proud they look! Tear filled eyes and those goofy little grins. If there is one thing you have done right as a parent its, not only teaching them that there is no one right way to love, but are showing them. Love comes in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. It doesn't matter who you love or how, it matters that you live a life that celebrates that love each in every day. This experience defined your vision, there will never be anything like it.


Are we crying yet. I sure did just writing this! These are moments I have witnessed from passed elopements. Each and every elopement is different and beautiful. I will forever love the freedom elopements give to couples. We all deserve to have our voice heard, to celebrate us for who we are. Helping couples create such meaningful experiences is truly an honor.

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