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IMAGINE THIS....You and your partner set off on a journey of a life time. To a new country you have only ever dreamed about. There you both are submerged in culture, adventure, delicious foods, world wide experiences, and memories fit for a romance novel. Your mornings are slow and peaceful. You enjoy making breakfast together while getting in an epic food fight. You explore a world you never knew existed. In that moment you are completely lost by the sweet company of the one your soul deeply loves while being surrounded by the most incredible views. You stroll the streets of Santorini, Greece. Seeing the bright blue water down below. You explore the mysterious castles of Scotland, surrounded by rolling green hills and rugged rock terrain, are you perhaps the newest version of Mrs. Darcey? You find a place that speaks to you both. It is there that you both pronounce your vows to one another. You are free to be who you both are, there's no stress, no pressure. How could a moment be so completely perfect?

That's what eloping abroad could be like. Now I know many of you are thinking, "abroad, yea right. That costs a fortune". What if I told you, eloping abroad doesn't have to be as expensive as you think? What if I told you that eloping on average costs less than a traditional wedding. The problem is not that eloping abroad is too expensive, the problem is that people are not being presented with all the facts and options. So let's just make a few things clear.

The average cost for a traditional wedding in 2019, before the pandemic, was $28, 000. In 2020 the average cost was $19,000. A pretty significant drop, but it's no secret that there were not a lot of weddings in 2020. In the places that could have weddings, they were much smaller. Another thing that was going on was that more people were eloping in 2020. 2020 saw an increase in elopements due to the pandemic. Even though eloping has been a common thing well before the pandemic, more and more people are turning to elopements. I'll touch more on that in a minute. In 2021 the average cost of weddings increased, as things started to open back up, leaving an average cost of $22,500.

The Business Insider does a great job on breaking down all of this. You can read more here. One thing I found interesting was the average cost of a traditional wedding per state. I won't list all 50 states but here are a few from my most popular viewing areas: Colorado $30,000, Utah $19,700, North Dakota $29, 200 , Minnesota $28, 800, Wyoming $19, 800.

Now lets touch on elopements. On average elopements are far less expensive than traditional weddings. Wandering Weddings writes that the average cost of an elopement ranges from $2,000 -$15,000. The well known wedding magazine Brides conducted a wedding study of 2020. They found that the couples who eloped more times than not saved more money than those who chose to have a traditional wedding. They said even the couples that had more of the expensive elopements still came in under a traditional wedding. You can find more about the study here.

What is not being explained to the general public is that these incredible elopement experiences that we read about in blogs and magazines are not as far out of reach as it appears to be. Two people could have the same about of money and have two completely different experiences with it.

Traveling internationally, many times, is cheaper than traveling in the US. Forbes breaks all this down as well as offers tips for saving money when traveling abroad. You can read more about that here.

So if you are feeling like breaking past traditions, creating an experience that is curated to who you both are as a couple, just know the possibilities are endless.

When couples choose to elope with me, they are not just getting a photographer & videographer. They are getting a guide. We work together to map out the exact experience and vision they are wanting and then I get to work to help put all those pieces together. Some would call that a wedding planner but with elopements, it honestly is a completely different thing. I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Ad Astra Travel. Specializing in curated travel, Ad Astra finds the lodging, venues, etc that will best fit the couples vision at the best rate possible. They will receive discounts at no additional cost. This is just a bonus service couples get while creating the experience of their dreams!

If you have more questions about elopements, now that the door to possibilities has been opened, feel free to reach out!

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