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How much about elopements do you really know? Choosing to elope means going beyond the traditions of a traditional wedding. Creating an experience that is more unique and personal to the couple. When moving past the traditions, a lot of doors can be opened. So what does that mean exactly? How does it all work?

I cannot speak for every elopement photographer but I can share what the elopement process is like with me. There is a since of freedom that is gained when eloping versus having a traditional wedding. Traditional weddings have a lot of moving parts. There is typically at least 5 vendors involved, if not more. All of their services have to be coordinated so there is a sense of flow of the day. You are on limited time with your venue. Some weddings cannot decorate until the morning of the wedding. Most weddings have to be over by a certain time. You have to account for guest's arrivals and accommodations. If you are wanting the traditional events of a wedding day (i.e. first look, wedding party pictures, speeches, first dances, guarder and bouquet toss, etc) those all have to be planned out to help with flow and to insure there is enough time for everything. Now....incase there is any confusion, let me just say that these are not bad things. If this is what you want for your day then go for it! Not everyone wants this for their day. They want more flexibility, freedom from timelines, or even not to do any of those things at all. So what does that look like exactly? How does a couple even go about having an experience like that? Here are some aspects of having an elopement with me:


Since elopements have a focus on creating a unique experience, I find it important to be more than just a photographer; I am a guide. Most elopements consist of the couple, the person officiating (sometimes) and the photographer/videographer. That's it. The role of the photographer needs to be more than just that since it mostly comes down to the couple and the photographer. As a guide, I am here to walk you through how elopements work, and help plan your ideal experience. We will talk about which locations appeal best to you. I will then help provide all the information possible for that area. We can discuss when, where and how you want to say your vows. There is no time crunch or having to coordinate with other factors. I help look into lodging, activities, even vendors if you need. If permits are required, I gather all the information needed for that as well. My role through this entire process is to first guide then to document.


Elopements do not have to be bound by timelines like traditional weddings do. For this reason my elopement packages do not come with set hours of coverage like a traditional wedding does. Everything has to be done in a certain window for traditional weddings, that does not have to be the case with elopements. There is really nothing saying it has to be done all in one day. Make a weekend of it. This is literally the story of you two coming together as one, why not take your time with it?


You have the time, you have the freedom and flexibility, now let's have that experience. I want you to imagine if you could spend a day/weekend with your loved one, what would that look like? What would you do, what would you eat, what would see? That's what you should have for your elopement experience. Is it getting up early to hike to an incredible place, saying your vows as the sun rises, then spending the rest of the day celebrating? Is it spending a day out in nature, finding that special place that calls to you. Waking up the next morning in a gorgeous cabin, making breakfast together, having a pic-nick lunch by the river, then going out to that special spot at sunset to say your vows, ending the most perfect day as two married souls. Maybe you want the best of both worlds. You want a day of hitting up the Vegas city life, make it a day of fun, you're getting married! Then the next day you go out to the mountains (there's more to Vegas than just the strip), surrounded by breathtaking scenery you both say your vows.

Whatever the experience is, you get to pick it. You get to decide how it happens on your terms and no one else's. I will be there to guide this process in every way needed.

So after an elopement has been officially booked with me, I get to work. I tell my clients I am here to help with as much as they want help with. Then before you know it, the experience of a lifetime happens and oh is it wonderful!

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