Grateful For You - A Backyard Wedding That Will Have You In Tears

C H A S E & S A B R I N A

Oh the wedding that had me crying. I'm going to be honest with you all, I am an empath. I feel rather deeply. Normally I can keep it locked up pretty tight, especially when shooting a wedding. At almost every wedding I am usually fighting back tears just because I am so happy for the couple standing before me. I was not strong enough to fight back the tears at Chase and Sabrina's wedding, however. Their story is so unique and incredibly empowering. I cannot be nothing less than honored to have been able to capture this wedding.


Chase and Sabrina got married on a warm July day in Minot, North Dakota. Their wedding should be a living example that backyard weddings are incredibly gorgeous. Their wedding was held in the yard of Sabrina's childhood home, which honestly was one of the most gorgeous spots I have seen in North Dakota.

When you first arrive on the property the driveway leads you down a long path which then meets to the house. Sabrina's childhood home has a gorgeous yard lined with incredibly tall evergreens. To only make the look even that more magical there was an outdoor tent setup for the guests which provided a shaded area to help keep the guests cool and out of the sun for the ceremony. The ceremony itself, was held in the shade near the tall trees. Everything just had the most gorgeous outdoor look with wide open spaces. It truly gave a very serene viewing experience; the perfect way to describe the entire wedding day.

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When I first arrived to the location I was led to where Sabrina would be getting ready for the day. Sabrina was so calm and quiet throughout the whole process, everything just fell into place moment by moment. It's almost been a year later and I still cannot get over how gorgeous she was in her wedding dress. Sabrina's dress was long and slim fitting. The detail work on the dress was so stunning. She wore a very classy hair style and makeup look, the final touch was so elegant!

After Sabrina was finished getting ready, we made our way outside for a very special first look. Chase was blind folded the entire time. It was so sweet just watching these two laugh and smile with each other. Life at that very moment for them, was perfect, nothing else mattered. These are the moments I absolutely love on a wedding day.

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. Chase’s reaction when he finally got to see his bride was so beautiful. His eyes teared up and his bottom lip puckered. You could tell he was fighting back so many emotions. Love is beautiful. We don’t have to fully know or understand their story to know that their love for each other is beautiful. When it was time for Sabrina’s vows, I cried. They were some of the most beautiful vows I have ever heard. Sabrina has fought many hard battles in her life. When death became very near for her, Chase was there. She talked about how she was so grateful for him to be there and in her life. I’m not sure there was a dry seat for that ceremony.

After the ceremony, the couple had a special request for their exit. Guests lined each side of the runway so when the Mr. & Mrs. made their way through, they would be showered with confetti! It was so fun to capture and made for such neat pictures! I would definitely recommend this for those who are wanting a fun look during their wedding.

After the ceremony, we had their couple’s session. I will never forget when I first went to edit these images; I gasped. They are such a breathtaking couple!

Following their couple’s session the couple made their way to enjoy food with their dearest friends and family. I could not help but leave smiling. This day is what makes life worth living. It was filled with so much joy, laughter, and kindhearted people. Seeing two people find pure joy after the ugliest of storms is inspiring and is why I will always say that it is an honor to do my job.

A humble witness,


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