Hanna + Tamrick

W H O D O E S N ' T L O V E A G O O D L O V E S T O R Y ? !

When I got hear all about Hanna and Tamrick's story, I instantly knew this would be one for the books! I had so much inspiration from their story, I could not wait for their couple's session!

We met for their shoot at the train trestle in Minot, ND. A locally known spot and a pocket full of beautiful landscape! Not only does the industrial look of the train trestle set such a unique mood but it is accompanied with gorgeous rolling hills and golden valley's. It is located just outside the city, so there is an open ruralness that captures the eye. It was a late winter afternoon. The sun would be setting within an hour or so. Golden hour would soon be approaching, leaving a bright golden glow on anything that was not covered in snow.

It sounds "picture perfect". The weather however was not the most ideal for anyone wanting to be outside. There was a strong North Dakota wind that day, giving the air a mean bite to it. What was absolutely amazing though was how well they both endured it. As if the cold didn't even matter, all that did was that moment together. It symbolized their story so well.

Hanna and Tamrick's story started off much like their session; in an unique sense. They met at a house party not realizing they both lived in the same building as each other. They hung out a few times but went on their separate ways. Time was just getting ready to carry them through the next part of their journey.

Two years later Hanna and Tamrick would cross paths again; only to find that this time around they would be inseparable. As time went on, their bond only grew stronger. They had this beautiful new love story and as fate would have it, they would get to experience the joy of adding another chapter to their story; a beautiful baby girl.

During the shoot it was incredibly obvious how close they were. Time and even the bitter cold seemed to fade around them with every picture taken. Hanna and Tamrick, I wish you both a long life filled with amazing chapters, adventures and unbreakable bonds!

Here is a glimpse into their adventurous session!

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