How To Avoid Crowds On Your Elopement Day

Bride and groom share intimate moment in Grand Teton National Park for their elopement.

National Parks across the US, are some of the top places couples choose to elope. It's no secret, that National Parks, have some jaw dropping scenery. Why wouldn't you want that included on your special day? The catch is, sometimes with that beautiful scenery comes large crowds.

Many couples chose to elope to make their experience more intimate (you can read more on why here). To skip the crowds, have a more laid back and quiet wedding day. So how does one, avoid the crowds with eloping in a popular destination? Here's a story about a couple, I helped elope in Grand Teton National Park.

Anthony and Eva are California natives. They recently relocated to Wyoming for new careers. They wanted something different for their wedding day. They didn't want anything big and wanted the focus on them. The mountains were calling so Grand Teton National Park was perfect for them!

GTNP is south of Yellowstone National Park. Both parks see heavy traffic May-September. It is important that all my couples have more than a photographer, they have a guide. After a location has been and a date is set, the next step is to dive into what areas within that location. In the photographer world we call this "location scouting".

Important questions to have asked are:

-Will you have guests? If so how many?

-Are you wanting to hike?

-Will we need 4x4 vehicles?

-Do you mind crowds? Do we need to find somewhere more secluded?

Anthony and Eva wanted great views of the mountains. They wanted to stay close to the mountains, but did not want to go in high populated areas. Knowing the area is key. There are several areas within the park that are public land but are not popular spots for tourists. After discussing several spots, we were able to settle on two spots.

Anthony and Eva had a private moment exchanging rings. Then they walked the rolling hills beneath the mountain range. Golden light danced across the grass as they enjoyed their evening walk. They talked and laughed as the mountains faded into a soft lavender glow. There was not another person around to intrude on their perfect moment. Their dream of having the mountains close by became a reality. It was perfect.

elopement in Grand Teton National Park.

Bride and Groom enjoy a moment at Grand Teton National Park. Elopement photographer Jennifer Hughes captures Wyoming couple.

Grand Teton National Park. Bride and Groom elope in Grand Teton. Wyoming elopement photographer captures couple in Jackson, WY

Grand Teton Elopement. Bride and Groom in Jackson, WY. Wyoming elopement photographer captures couple in Grand Teton NationalPark.

When you are eloping, always keep in mind any permits you may need. Reach out to your photographer and see if this is a service they take care of.

If you would like to know more about the elopement process, click on the link here to learn more. You are also, more than welcome to contact me with any questions!

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