Before I dive into all the incredible places in Colorado. let me just say this. At the end of the day the location doesn't matter. What makes this entire experience perfect is that you both are pledging to create an experience that is intentional and true to you. You are celebrating you for all that you are and that my friends is the most beautiful thing ever!

But hey, having a location that speaks even more to who you both are just makes everything that much more epic. So why not narrow it down a little bit and find that spot that makes your heart skip and fills your soul with all the emotions?

My goal when helping couples is to chose a location that is true to them. A place they feel safe, welcome and free in. It's not about finding a pretty place. It's about finding a place that fits their vison, that is something they want.

There's a reason why Colorado is recommended to so many couples. Beyond the obvious fact that Colorado is hands down gorgeous, there is adventure. Something so many couples that elope crave. There is connection. Many couples want that intimate experience where they can connect as a couple but also connect with their surroundings, the experience and nature. Colorado has that and so much more. It's also pretty dang easy to elope in Colorado; you can even marry yourselves. Find out more on how in my guide on How to Elope

How to Elope in Colorado. Colorado elopement guide.

The great thing about Colorado is that there are so many different locations, scenery, adventures to be had. So how in the heck do you choose? Don't worry, when it comes to helping you find the perfect spot, I have you covered.

The most important thing to remember when eloping in this:

There are no rules. This entire process is about you, your story, your relationship. Your truth is what matters above all else. This is why so many couples are now choosing to elope.

So yeah, I got your back. Now let's find that epic spot!

I want you to close your eyes. When you think about Colorado ask yourself this:


This might sound silly but it will help. Connect with your partner right now. Hold hands, hold each other, rest your foreheads against each other. Whatever feels natural to you, just physically connect in some way. Now imagine Colorado. What views do you see? What the scenery like? This place you are imagining will be the place you both stand in front of each other, holding hands, and say your vows. So right now in this moment, as you both connect.....what do you see?

Are you down in a valley, filled with colorful wild flowers, the mountains behind you? Are you near a river after kayaking to a spot that called to you? Are you up on a mountain that you hiked, laughing the entire way?

Take some time to really talk about this with each other. What is your vision. There are no rules, boundaries, formalities. What is your vision of your special day? Own that vision. Embrace it.

Here's something else to keep in mind. Maybe you can't narrow it down to one place. Maybe your vision involves a few places over a few days. Guess what? That's 100% okay! Multiple locations and multiple day elopements are encouraged. It's important to me that couples have the tools and resources to create their epic experience.

If you are wanting some quick location inspo I have quite a bit of that over in my guide for Best Places to Elope in Colorado. If the mountains are just really calling you and you want inspo for mountain locations, check out my guide for Top 10 Mountain Wedding Venues .

Colorado Elopement locations. Colorado elopement.


Especially with Colorado, the season and weather conditions will play a major role in choosing a location. Not all locations are accessible in the winter time. If your vision is snow, then we really have to choose a location carefully.


There are many locations in Colorado that are jaw dropping, that also means there will be lots of visitors. Sometimes we can get around that by doing a sunrise ceremony. If privacy is really important to you, that's completely okay. There are more remote locations in Colorado that are still jaw dropping. We can just focus on those particular locations.


I will always be here as a guide for anyone who needs its. Some couples like to brainstorm on their own and that's okay! Here are some helpful tips to guide you along the way:

-Social Media (so many cities/towns have their own tourism pages filled with great information. Check them all out)

-Travel Guides (Most states have free travel guides that breaks down every region)

-4x4 Road Maps (for all my off roading lovers. These are so helpful when my family goes rock crawling in Moab)

-Colorado Tourism Site

-Don't forget I have quite of bit of information on Colorado. You're welcome to give me a call anytime to chat about Colorado elopement locations and how to find the perfect location for you. Until then check out these resources: Why You Should Consider A Colorado Elopement , Eloping | A Colorado Experience , Eloping, How Does It Work , and 10 Reasons To Elope .


As you are narrowing down locations here are some important questions to ask yourselves along the way:

-Are you bringing any guests to your elopement? Is the location you are considering accessible for them?

-Is the location you are considering outlined with outdoor guidelines? Do those guidelines go along with your vision?

-Will the location need a permit? Some locations in Colorado, like the national parks, will require permits. If you find a location you are in love with and it requires a permit, make sure you get that taken care of in the timeline it requires.

Throughout all of this, don't lose sight of what it truly important; you. You and your love for one another is what matters. This day will be magical and wonderful. Dream big, let your love have no limits and celebrate in the greatest of ways!

Elopement Photographer Jennifer Hughes. Colorado elopement photographer.

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