Love So Strong- A Dream Wedding By Lake Sakakawea

C O L E & B R E A N N A

For those who don’t know, I am not just a photographer, I am a videographer as well. I love both. Sometimes I just photograph weddings. Sometimes I photograph and video weddings. Other times I just do video. I am happy to do any of the scenarios. For this wedding, I was solely video. One thing I love about just being a videographer, is getting to work alongside other creatives. Everyone has a different perspective. I love getting to work with others to help a couple tell their story.


For this wedding I had the privilege to work with Zak Jokela. Zak is an incredibly talented photographer based in Montana. His work is pure and engages it’s viewer with its raw depiction of emotion. I envy his talent for black & white’s, much like the talent of Robert Frank. I admire his ability to story tell and keep it true to the couple. I hope we will be able to work again in the future.


Cole and Breanna got married in July. It was an outdoor wedding right off the coast of Lake Sakakawea. The view was breathtaking! It was a rustic themed wedding, perfect for the outdoors! Their colors were a light green and light pink. The flowers were accented with eucalyptus. It gave everything a light elegant touch.

Breanna’s dress was absolutely incredible. The top half was a slim fitting light pink, layered in white lace. It was a sweetheart cut that fell just below the hips. The lower skirt was layered in pink fluffy tulle. It flowed out in a slender train. I could not get over how beautiful it was!

The ceremony was held late in the afternoon with the reception to follow. It was a rather warm evening but it did not slow down the joy and merriment had by all that day. Just an hour before sunset, we made our way down to the lake for their couple’s session. If I have a favorite time to take pictures or video of the couple, it is most definitely during sunset. The magic that happens is just unreal.

*Photos courteously taken by Zak Jokela.


Cole and Breanna are both strong willed people, their love for each other is equally as strong. I have no doubt that they will be able to face and conquer whatever life throws at them.

Below you can watch Cole + Breanna's story come to life!

To learn more about Zak and view his incredible work, check out his website linked below!

A humble witness,


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