Megan + Kallie

Oh where to start with this sweet couple?!

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan + Kallie on their wedding day. It was one of the coldest and windiest days this winter. That North Dakota wind was not forgiving in the slightest. Their wedding day happened to fall on the same weekend as a local bridal show. Things were busy but when it was time for them to say "I Do", it's like time stood still. Their happiness consumed all that was near it.

People are typically very happy on their wedding day. Megan + Kallie's happiness had an authentic tranquility about it. They had a small private ceremony at Regency Event Center; just a few friends and family. It was all they honestly needed though. What they were doing that day was so much bigger than anything else in the world and it showed on their faces.

This wedding day was even extra special because Megan was about 8 months pregnant with their baby boy. They say an expecting mother glows and a bride blushes. Megan was most certainly both! When I walked into the bridal suite at Regency, I instantly saw bright glowing light. The natural glow from the sun was pouring into the room from the large windows. Everything was illuminated in a soft golden glow. Then I saw Megan, brightest smile with a warm welcoming glow. She looked absolutely elegant in a soft rose lace dress, accented with a beautiful diamond belt.

Megan + Kallie's story started one summer in Dutton, Montana. Kallie was a South African traveling the country with a harvest crew. Megan had road tripped from Washington with her grandma to visit family. They clicked from the very moment they met. Sadly after a week they had to say their goodbyes. Little did Megan know, that goodbye would not last forever. 10 days later Kallie showed up in Washington to visit Megan. Kallie told Megan that one day he would marry her, Megan never once doubted that.

Two and half years later these two sealed the deal on a lifetime of more adventure and endless glowing smiles. I wish you two a lifetime full of happiness and congratulate you on your soon to be baby boy! Here are a few highlights from Megan + Kallie's very special wedding day!

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