Seizing Life's Most Unique Gift

HOLY SMOKES! I am on a whole other level of inspired right now as I write this post! So I had the idea for the post last week. I wanted to give myself time to really reflect on it, since it is such a loaded topic. I have been looking forward to writing it all week, but I just got done with a spur of the moment industry call. All I can say is WOW!

This was so the right place at the right time situation. That call spoke straight to my heart. So believe me when I say I am BEYOND pumped to share all my thoughts and feelings with y'all.

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I think we all for the most part can agree, this time in our lives is rough. I'm not going to lie or sugar coat it, it is rough. People are worried about money, jobs, bills, new routines, their family, etc. No one has the answers at this point. That's not just a local thing. It's not just happening in one person's family, or city, or state. It is happening GLOBALY. So where in the world does that leave us??? Lost, afraid, anxious, angry.

I found myself for a brief second in a bad mental place. As a business owner I wasn't sure what to do next. As a mother I wasn't sure what to do next. I don't like that feeling. I love plans. Then I had to get real with myself. We can look at this two different ways: 1) This is an absolute nightmare. I am going to go crazy if this keeps going. 2) This is one of the MOST unique forms of opportunity life has given me and I am going to invest in this.

Now, with no fault or shame, most people are going with option 1. It's human nature. It is normal to get caught up in strong feelings, especially when our surroundings are so crazy. HOWEVER.....that doesn't have to be the way this plays out. Think about it, when was the last time something like this happened??? Not in my lifetime, not in my parents or even grandparents' life time. In a time of fast pace, advanced technology, the world has fallen silent. Everything has paused, as if almost in mid air. We find ourselves in this strange world where everything is frozen in air. We slowly walk past each object staring at it confused, reaching out to touch but pulling back because we are unsure of what will happen next.

This is something that is already being written down in history. We will look back on this and remember what it was like. We will tell our grandchildren what it was like to be alive during this time. is what brings me to my point. Here is what hit me last week while I was taking a shower. Here is what shifted my entire way of thinking. When you look back on this, because you will, this will pass; what will you wish you would have done differently. What will you wish you would have done, have accomplished? Will you have regrets or will you be proud?

YOU GUYS....this IS one of the most unique opportunities life has thrown at us. Don't waste it. Not all of us will be fortunate enough to invest on this moment. Some of us will sadly pass. Some of us will sadly mourn the loss of a loved one. Some of us will have to put their life on the line to work during this time. To save other lives. To get us the supplies we need. The rest of us though...safely in our homes, bored; have a chance to MAKE something of this.

Think about it. We no longer have a million places to be. We have all this time that we thought never existed. How many of you before this ever wished you just had a few more hours in the day? Gosh if I could just have more time I could do this. Oh I wish I could do this but I don't have the time. Guess what??? The time is HERE. Write that book, do that yoga, organize that garage. We have been given one of the most amazing gifts. We have been given the chance to work on ourselves. To better ourselves. When we come out of this, we should be the strongest we have ever been. This is the world right now, on it's knees saying, "I need you. I need you at your BEST because I will be at my worst." If you haven't realized the world and economy is going to need time, then look again. I don't say this to scare or hurt anyone, I am saying this to inform. If we come out of this strong, we will pick the world back up.

The call I joined in on earlier highlighted this mentality. There was discussion on how we all felt during this time. How could we all be creative to still be productive during this time. Cassidy Thompson, who by the way, is absolutely brilliant, went into detail about how we are speaking to ourselves. We can be so hard on ourselves. Speak so negatively to ourselves. Cassidy said, "You can't change how you speak to yourself until you know how you speak to yourself. What you focus on, you will get more of." She's 100 percent correct though.

If we are going to spend this time focusing on all the negative things then that is what will come of this situation. We have to give ourselves grace during this time. If you missed that blog, I go into more detail about finding grace during despair. You can find the link to that blog here. So if we are going to give ourselves grace; allow ourselves to feel the emotions of despair, loss, anxiety, etc, we then need to not stop there, but then DO something about it. It's ok to feel bored. It's ok to feel lost. It's ok to feel like you are screwing up your child's education (believe me, I have felt the same). Don't just let yourself be lost in those emotions though. Take action, give yourself credit. "You know what, I have no idea if I'm doing this assignment right with my kids BUT you know what, we tried. We DID something." "I am feeling so bored right now. That reminds me, I always wanted to be the mom that had more time to read to my kids. I'm going to go read them a book."

"The beautiful thing about humans is that we have the gift of feeling happiness and sadness simultaneously, " Rachel Hollis. We can feel sad for this time and still choose hope. We can still take a negative and turn it into a positive. That is how life works after all. Did anything great happen without any kind of failure, or struggle??? Don't waste this time my friends. You owe it to yourself and the world, to walk out of this thing strong. When you look back on this, don't regret the time spent. Don't put yourself in the position where you have to say, "gosh you know, I had all that time. I really wish I would have done this." "I wish I would have learned that", "I wish I would have tried this". Give yourself something to be proud of during an unthinkable time.

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