Tia & Braden

IT CAN BE quite the struggle to do an engagement session in Winter, especially in North Dakota. Thankfully for Tia and Braden's session, we had two great indoor locations to work with! We started out their session at a warehouse studio owned by Rae Creates Rentals. From getting to know a little about Tia and Braden, I could sense that they had a strong relationship. One of those "old soul" types of relationships that had a lot of beautiful history within it.

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Tia and Braden first met at their local Y. While at the time, they were not fans of each other, they became each others biggest fan years later! These two approach everything as a team which only magnified their strong bond.

After spending some time in the studio we went over to one of my favorite coffee shops, With Room Coffee. Tia had mentioned she likes art. As an admirer of art myself, I knew With Room would be a great location. It has a very authentic vintage feel. What ended up being even more fitting is the "old soul" vibe I get from With Room. It may be new to Minot, but it's energy has roots that makes all it's visitors feel welcome and grounded. This is how I perceived Tia and Braden while working with them. Their relationship was strong and grounded. They were so sure of each other and almost seemed like they didn't even notice I was there capturing them. Which is how it should be!

Coffee shop. Coffee shop engagement. Minot weddings. North Dakota Weddings.

Tia and Braden, I wish you a lifetime of laughter and happiness! Here is a preview of their grounding engagement session!


-Rae Create Rentals

-With Room Coffee

Don't miss Tia and Braden's moving engagement video! Click here to view!

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