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The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! Your photographer sends you a message that your wedding gallery is complete! Now you get to relive your special day and pour over all the incredible images. After awhile though the excitement begins to fade and the question of "now what" arises.

Regardless if you choose to elope or have a traditional wedding, you will receive hundreds of images from your day. It can feel overwhelming to some as to what to do next with those images. We live in a digital world, it's very common for wedding photographers to deliver wedding galleries on some sort of digital format, i.e. online gallery, flash drive, cloud drive. Each photographer has their own way of doing that and there is honestly no right or wrong way; just comes down to personal preference. Some photographers will provide prints, require that you print through them, and some leave that up to the client. Just be sure you have communicated with your photographer what their process is.

I personally leave it up to client. Some people have a preference on where they print. Some people are on a budget and may not be able afford the higher end printing companies. Either way, I want the choice to be up to them. What I do offer is professional printing services if they so choose. It's set up right on their gallery where they can order whatever products they want and it ships directly to them.

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There is not the back and forth discussions on ordering options, etc. It just makes it simple and these are trusted companies that I use for my own personal prints.

When it comes to printing, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Color calibration is extremely important when it comes to printing. Have you ever looked at an image on one device and then seen it on another but the image didn't quite look the same? Maybe you have done the instant print at a local store or pharmacy and the colors looked a little off? That's because the color calibration wasn't exact. There are devices that help with this. Not every place uses them though. There are online printing companies that are budget friendly. I personally would only recommend them for that reason. I would not recommend them for quality. They do not use color correcting measures like the higher end printing companies do.


Budget friendly printing companies and the instant print machines have a tendency to print images in a lower quality. Images turn out pixelated, grainy, blurry, etc. If you are on a budget but want high quality images, print just a few at a time. There's no real need to print a bunch off at one time.

Something else to keep in mind with your gallery are the download options. I can't speak for every online gallery. They are all set up differently. your research when it comes to online gallery companies. The same principal with printing goes along with gallery companies. The budget friendly ones do not calibrate as well and when clients download images, they are receiving low quality images. When you go to download an image (assuming the gallery provides these options) it will give you the option to download websize or high rez. Here's what you need to know about both.


Websize is perfect for social media sharing. Most social media platforms crop images and change the size of the image a little. Websize images can handle that. They however, are not saved in high enough of a quality to be used for printing. So just remember websize means web only.


Highrez is what you want for prints to insure optimal quality. This format can be used for social media as well, so if downloading everything in high rez is easier, then go for it.

One more quick techy tip before we move on. Back up, back up, back up. I would personally recommend having 3 sources for backing up your images. That can be done in many different ways. I just wouldn't recommend all 3 sources being in your home, and that be the only way to access them. In the event of a natural disaster, fire, etc, you would want another way of getting to those images. Some examples for backing up are flash drives, external hard drives, clouds. I would not fully rely on your online gallery. Most photographers cannot keep you gallery open forever. Photographers are only allowed so much space with online galleries. As they get more clients and create more galleries, that space fills up. Eventually they have to remove old galleries. Most photographers will communicate with you before they remove your gallery. If you are unsure though, definitely reach out to them.

Now that we got the technical stuff out of the way, let's talk about some fun ideas for pictures!

First things first, I LOVE me some Small Woods. I use them for my own pictures, clients have asked me to put orders in for them through Small Woods, and clients have even shown me their weddings pictures printed through them. Small Woods is perfect for those wanting something different. They specialize in canvases, wood photos and wood framed photos. My personal favorite are the wood framed photos. The quality is superb and well worth the investment. They do have sales often, so definitely take advantage of those when they happen.

Albums. Albums may not be as popular as they used to be. Anyone a former scrapbooking junkie?? I sure was growing up! Wedding albums I would still highly recommend to couples. It's a great way to get your favorites all grouped together and easily accessible when you feel like looking back.

I hope these tips were helpful and that you enjoy you wedding gallery for many, many years!

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