Weddings of 2020

2020….where to even begin?? This year certainly stands on it’s own as far as weddings go. I think we all know why. My heart broke and it also was inspired. My heart broke to all those couples who had to cancel weddings, or lost loved ones. My heart broke for the couples who may have gotten to celebrate but not in the way they dreamed of. As hard as it is to experience, there comes incredible growth in the times of hardships. A couple’s love for each other grew in profound ways because of the challenges Covid brought to wedding planning.

It was incredibly humbling to witness. If anything, it gave couples a chance to see what was truly important in a wedding and not get lost in the hustle that the industry brings to a couple.


I traveled all over the state of North Dakota, each wedding was different but all were truly remarkable. Whether we realize it or not, all weddings in 2020, are historical. This is what life looked like during a global pandemic. During a dark and difficult time, people still found love. People still found a way to be together and share their story with the world. Now there may be some hard feelings shared by some, which is completely okay, let us not forget that it is human nature to love. It’s something the human race has always done and quite honestly needs. From the very beginning of a human’s life, love is one of the most life essential elements. As we grow, as time changes, as culture changes over time, we all still need to be loved.

The meer fact that people still found love and happiness during a dark time is empowering. It gives hope. Couples went to all lengths to be able to share their story. From backyard weddings, to theaters and everything in between. I hope that as you view the stories told from 2020, you find a sense of hope as well!

To all of my 2020 couples, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be a witness to your story. It was truly an honor.

a humble witness,


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