What it Means to Have an Adventure Session

Updated: Mar 2

Have you ever had an adventure session? Maybe we should start with what an adventure session is? An adventure session is a photo session 2.0. Instead of a photographer immersing themselves onto you by shouting pose after pose (que Madonna's Vogue), they immerse themselves into your world; your moment.

Adventure Engagement Session. Medora, North Dakota.

Adventure sessions are all about the experience. Going somewhere incredible and having memorable experiences. Maybe it's hiking through Grand Teton National Park, or rock climbing in Arches National Park. It's kayaking, it's horseback riding, it's exploring sand dunes. There are so many possibilities. These sessions are intended to capture you living life and documenting it how it was told. So when you think back on these moments, you will not just have something tangible to reflect on, but will have a raw truth that will forever enhance those senses.

Intimate engagement session. Adventure engagement session. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I highly recommend adventure sessions for couples. These sessions take longer, which allows more time to capture real moments. There are no uncomfortable, rushed moments. No "hurry and fake this emotion but make it look pretty". The images that come from these kinds of sessions are absolutely breathtaking and unique.

In 2021, I tested a few of these out on some engagement sessions. My mind was blown! My 2022 calendar filled up insanely fast from this approach. Couples need these moments. They need to see themselves in this other perspective. When I look at the images, I see so much passion. It's more than just a beautiful picture. This is what couples will need one day. We don't really ever think about it, but one day we will be gray and old, our memory won't be the same. We will need to come back to these moments and feel that fire that burned once before. We need to look back, grin and say, "man did we live!"

To get some more adventure session inspo, check out some of my Pinterest boards for adventure sessions! They include sessions from Grand Teton National Park, Nashville, TN, Duluth, MN, Medora, ND and the badlands in North Dakota.

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