What It Really Means To Elope

Updated: Mar 2

When someone brings up the word elope oftentimes people's minds go straight to running off to Vegas and getting married with Elvis. While that sounds like a good time, that's just not the case anymore. The face of elopements has changed drastically just within the past 5-10years.

Elopements now are, yes still going to a location, but are simply intimate weddings with around 10 or less guests. This is an alternative for couples who are wanting something more personal and romantic for their wedding day. Something where the focus is reeled in on their story and what brought them together.

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What's the difference between elopements and traditional weddings?

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if a couple elopes or has a traditional wedding. They will still be married when it's all said and done. The difference is, couples that elope are removing the traditional aspects of a traditional wedding and going with their own vision.

The things the couple prioritizes are what determines if it will need to be an elopement or traditional wedding.

So how do we know which is right for us?

If something other than a traditional wedding is in question, then it's a good idea for you both to sit down and discuss what is most important to you on your wedding day.

Things to consider would be how big of a wedding do you want. Do you want all the aspects of a traditional wedding to be a part of your day (décor, flowers, chairs, guarder & bouquet toss, DJ, wedding party, etc.)? If those things are not what you want, then start making a list of what you do want. Maybe you want to say your vows in a national park. Maybe you both absolutely love hiking and want to incorporate that into your day. You heard about this trendy Air B&B and would love that to be the place you say "I do" !

Whatever yo decide, just keep in mind there is no right way to get married. This is after all, YOUR story; tell it the way it should be told!

Check out some of my vision boards on Pinterest to help determine if the look of an elopement or traditional wedding is right for you.

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